About Us

Melissa and Charlotte both grew up as American Born Chinese (ABCs), speaking Mandarin with their families and ordering delicious food at countless restaurants and night markets. Through the years, they attended Stanford together, worked as volunteers with children with disabilities, had kids of their own, and exchanged parenting tips. With young kids, Melissa and Charlotte began to see the value of reading to their kids at an early age in both Mandarin and English.  However, they needed a book that could be read in a dual language family and in Pinyin. 

That’s when Melissa and Charlotte created BoBo Loves Dumplings:  an engaging counting board book written in Mandarin, English, and Pinyin. More importantly, it’s a book that celebrates the delicious foods that Melissa and Charlotte enjoyed when they grew up: from fried rice to lobster noodles to soup dumplings. May you enjoy this book with your little one as much as BoBo enjoys his meal!



Melissa graduated from Stanford and Harvard, and has a career in healthcare technology. She has two young children who attend a Mandarin immersion school and love their teachers and friends there. The family can often be found running around outdoors and hiking and exploring. All of that energy usually comes from a large supply of dumplings, boba and shave ice. They are looking forward to returning to loud and busy dim sum restaurants post-pandemic!



Charlotte is a curriculum designer and children’s book illustrator. She graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Education. She has worked at a local Mandarin immersion school and has also  worked at companies such as Disney, LeapFrog, and Wonder Workshop. Charlotte likes to visit her family in Taiwan, where she fills her suitcase with picture books. Charlotte has a toddler whose first words included “Boba”. Her little one also loves singing Chinese songs with her grandparents. Charlotte’s work is done.
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